How we make our Beautiful Things

Our notebooks are individually crafted. Most have a textblock at their heart, which is handmade in stages.

Trimming paper to size using rotary trimmer or guillotine then folding each sheet in half. Folded sheets are stacked in sets of four to make sections known as ‘signatures’. Stacks of signatures are then pressed to reduce the swell of the folded paper at the spine.
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Holes are pricked in each signature ready for stitching together to make the textblock. A pricking cradle and pricking template are used to ensure the holes line up on each signature, which makes the stitching neater and more even.
This text block is ready for stitching. Signatures are stitched in the order they were pricked to keep the holes aligned and the edges tidy.
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A link stitch is used to connect each signature to the next. This shows as a simple running stitch inside the signatures. At the end of each row of stitching, a kettle stitch is used to secure the head and tail of the spine.
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For larger books
A sewing frame can be used to add tapes behind the link stitches for added spine support when sewing books with many signatures or large pages. The frame holds the signatures in place allowing for neat even stitching.
Once stitching is complete, the textblock needs to be pressed to reduce any swell from the stitching. While the textblock is in the press, a thin layer of glue is spread along the spine to secure the stitching and consolidate the textblock.
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Coloured or decorated endpapers are attached to the front and back of the textblock at the spine. These are the sheets you see inside the cover when you open a book and secure the textblock to the cover.
A thin strip of paper or cloth is glued to the spine to strengthen it. An additional smaller sheet of paper is stuck along the spine and wrapped around onto the front and back of the textblock. This gives added to support to the endpapers and ensure the textblock sticks securely to the cover.

These text blocks are finished and ready to have individual covers made for them!
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